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What is Bing Ads?

If you want to promote your business online this article will help you more with Bing AdWords. Today we’re going to be answering the question what is Bing ads so Bing ads is the advertising service set up by Microsoft where advertisers can go and target keywords in the Bing search engine and some of their other search partners like AOYahoo yahoo can run your ads target customers and drive relevant traffic and hopefully sales to your website along with a variety of other goals with Bing so we’re going to kind of go through this high-level overview now to get started the first thing you might be interested is how to get a Free $100 coupon in Bing ads when you just go to ads Bing calm and sign up with a new account they’re going to automatically give you $100 coupon when you spend $25 so spend your first 25 when you get $100 back right away credited to your account so it’s a good little way to kind of test and start beginning your advertising. Some of the most popular goals on bing are to increase ads engagement so that might be something like getting the right people to your website it might be something like branding it might be something like driving leads to your website which could also go down to increase online conversions in the bottom right so ad engagement and conversions kind of work hand in hand you want people to engage with your ads but you also want them to convert on your website I’m in addition some of the other things you can optimize for our root traffic so try to get people into your store if you have a local business more phone calls similar to a local business or if you have kind of a more you know if you own a PPC advertising agency or something like that you want to drive phone calls to your business and last but not least sell products online with Bing product listing ads you can have your product ads right in front of people when they’re searching in the search engine and I’ll show you some examples of those as we go through so here’s an example of a search query winter vacations in the Bing search engine

 you’ll see there are five ads shown in this picture so there’s one by kayak which is huge it includes some site links extensions so that’s what’s those other links are you have Expedia which also has some smaller site links at the bottom you have About you have the max past native kayak so all of them are trying to advertise winter vacations to me and you can see a Hawaiian Vacation is saying Get Lowest Fares Online Book Flight so since I put Vacation there assuming that I want to go somewhere here browse winter vacations and all of these different places are trying to drive me to their sites so that I take action that’s ultimately the goal here with Bing is they want people to get on websites and take action so once you start getting involved with Bing you want to target every relevant keyword for your business there’s a variety of keyword match types we talked a little bit about ad extensions so you can see they will enhance your products your ads whatever it is with site links extensions where you can drive people to different sites or different links on your website you could have contact extensions where people can email you it’s all sorts of things like that remarketing so let’s say someone visits your website leaves and doesn’t convert you can target them in search and bid a little bit higher when they search for your target keywords so it’s good to find ready to buy customers who are maybe a little bit further down the funnel and last but not least Bing shopping campaign

so we touched on it further a little bit earlier but if you go down here I have shoes and I just type Nike Shoes into Bing and you see there’s six ads all featuring different types of shoes ladies there’s men’s there slip one so when you type in a keyword that has to do with products you could actually have ads that show up that drive traffic to your website to your products to your ecommerce store to help drive sales until help increase your revenue so a lot of different things you can do with Bing ads hopefully that answers what is Bing ads for you so it’s the advertising service set up by Microsoft and it’s really based around the Bing search engine and some of their search partners

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